This weekend, start your creative juices flowing.  Using very basic designs and colors and plan some new kitchens items.  Maybe you would like to begin by making some potholders or placemats to make a subtle change.  I start by using graph paper to help with measurements and color schemes.  As an added thought for your new potholders, once the two sides are mostly sewed together, fill the inside of your new potholder with rice.  Later on, you would be able to heat this in a microwave, place it inside a towel and use it a quick heating pad.  The downside is that kids love to use these as bean bags.  Oops!  Small projects like this give you a chance to sit and enjoy a pastime while relaxing in the hot summer weather.

How did your project turnout and are you ready for more?  Stay tuned for more tips and ideas! 

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